Keeping in mind the earlier directive that educational institutions and cinema theatres are to remain closed till March 31, Patnaik advised the citizens to reduce social interactions and keep them at just a basic level. “Being at home, reducing social interactions and avoiding gatherings will cut down the vulnerability to a great extent. Another important practice is frequent hand washing and strict sanitisation protocols,” the Odisha Chief Minister said..

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canada goose black friday sale I still remember the machine name. It starts with an l and ends with a 6. Over the course of a couple of years, pretty much all of its components (CPUs, RAM, drives) were replaced at least once. “While the state government has claimed a very high level of daily surveillance of individuals in containment zones, no database was shown or results made available. During the stay of the committee itself, over 50 lakh persons would have been surveyed in the four districts. Collating and evaluating a database of this magnitude requires very robust systems to be in place canada goose black friday sale.