Staten Islanders are feeling the pressure to be the first one at the grocery store, the first one to get to the toilet paper, the first one to obtain hand sanitizer. But there are also pressure tactics that can make you the next victim of a scam. “Don’t be pressured into making immediate financial decisions,” the USPIS says..

Is this a Failed Presidency?Jump to Last Post 1 2 of 2 discussions (10 posts)He promised a 30′ high concrete wall the entire length of our Southern Border that Mexico would pay for. But the check didn’t come and the wall isn’t built.He promised to cut our National Debt, but instead he’s on pace to add over $7 Trillion Dollars to our National Debt in just one term.Trump said he wouldn’t have time to play golf if elected, because he’d be too busy working. But in reality, Trump has spend 144 years worth of Presidential salary playing golf and visiting Trump properties, with all that tax payer money ending up in his own pockets.He promised to revitalize the Coal Industry and create more jobs than ever.

Through it all, I was a proud New Yorker, and still consider myself one. But now, the city is the subject of derision and pity as it struggles to manage and contain coronavirus cases 142,432 as of this writing and nearly 11,000 confirmed deaths. Deaths.

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