Our Olympic hopefuls have been snookered and who knows if they’ll still have the backing of funding 12 months down the line? Boxing gyms are also packed out with kids, who could be amateur stars in the making, or just people using it to stay fit.Boxing is still a tremendous outlet for the troubled, keeping the wayward on the straight and narrow by giving them purpose, discipline and structure. All that is on hold and some of these cases might be lost for good.We’re all gutted about the super fights being shelved such as Josh Taylor’s homecoming at the Hydro, Billy Joe Saunders v Canelo Alvarez. Anthony Joshua against Kubrat Pulev is pencilled in for June 20 at Tottenham’s new stadium but that’s wishful thinking.Punters will be missing the mouthwatering pay per view nights in front of the box but it’s the guys lower down the food chain who are going to be left fighting for their careers.Ally McCoistAlly McCoist makes Rangers title claim as Ibrox legend offers Celtic ‘sympathy’Neil Lennon’s side won their ninth top flight title in a row on Monday..

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